The 10 Emotional Stages Of Getting Your Period During Class

1. Wonder. Is that my period? Spotting? Discharge? Being a girl is so fun, isn’t it? Maybe I should go check. But that would involve getting up and walking to the bathroom and I’m so lazy and it seems so far. What are the chances that it’s actually my period?


2. Denial. It’s probably not my period.  I’m a few days early anyway. And every time I think I got my period, there’s no blood in sight. And all those times I thought for sure it wasn’t my period, it was. So it’s probably not. I can look after class.

3. Fear. Shoot, what if it is my period and I ignore it? A big blood spot on the crotch of my jeans is not a cute look. Literally every single person in this classroom will see it. I don’t even have a sweatshirt to tie around my waist!


4. Anxiety. Wait, do I even have a tampon? This is bad. Let me dump out my entire backpack. Okay, I have an open tampon that’s pretty much collecting dust. Is that healthy to use? Can I get some kind of vagina infection?

5. Embarrassment. Cool, I’m walking to the bathroom carrying an open tampon. This isn’t embarrassing at all. 😳Rushing down the hallway is bad enough, but this dirty tampon is actually worse than if I had a jumbo sized box on top of my head.


6. Annoyance. I just had my period! Aren’t you supposed to get it every 25 days or something? I feel like I have it literally all the time.

7. Acceptance. Okay, I officially just got my period. It happens every month and it’s NBD. It’s not fun that I got it during class but it’s happened and it will probably happen again because I’m ~just that lucky~.


8. Amazement. If you think about it, the female body is pretty amazing. I am shedding the lining of my uterus right as we speak and a little weird but also cool AF.

9. Understanding. So that’s why I ate three pounds of chocolate last night! Also, why I might have snapped at my mom. I should apologize to her tonight. And the bloating! If I go through this every month, why am I always surprised when it comes?


10. Liberation. I am literally a creator of life! LOL, not right now but eventually. Maybe. Whatever. Girls rule.


  • October 7, 2016
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