8 Beauty Habits for Before Bed

While you probably have an entire morning routine when it comes to beauty and skincare, what about the night time? Before you lay your head down to drift off into your REM hours, there are a few easy things you can do to better prepare your hair, face, and skin for the day ahead. Check out these eight beauty tips below to get a better sense of how you can take care of yourself even while you’re fast asleep in bed. Quick, simple, and affordable — there’s no reason to skip out on these habits. Your skin will thank you, and that’s a promise.


1. Remove all of your make-up.
Leftover makeup not only makes you look like a raccoon in the morning, but it also clogs your pores.



2. Apply hand cream.
Hands have a tendency to dry out during the day. Keep your skin healthy and crack-free by applying some moisturizing cream before bed.



3. Pull your hair back.
As much as we love that rolled out of bed look, the best way to keep your skin oil-free is to pin back your hair before you hit the hay. Headbands work well also.



4. Get enough sleep.
Ever heard the expression, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”? Wrong. Get your sleep now — there’s a reason the term “beauty rest” exists.



5. Apply some eye cream.
It’s sad, but it’s true: eye wrinkles are always the first to show up. Help prevent them by applying a light layer of eye cream at night.



6. Change your pillow case frequently.

You don’t have to swap out your pillowcase everyday, but changing it about once a week is not a bad idea. Dirt and oil on pillows can lead to frequent breakouts if you’re not careful.



7. Turn on a humidifier.
You can’t be gulping down large glasses of water while you’re sleeping, so use a humidifier to keep the skin hydrated while you snooze.



8. Apply a toner.
A toner will increase pH levels on your face, helping ward off unwanted bacteria. Just be sure to choose one that’s not alcohol based, so as not to dry out your skin in the process.


Source: http://xobenzo.com/

  • September 30, 2016
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